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Objective: To elaborate effective international rules and procedures concerning liability for damage caused by space objects and to ensure the prompt payment of a full and equitable measure of compensation to victims of such damage. Summary of provisions: The term 'damage' is defined in Article I. Inter alia, launching States agree to be absolutely liable to pay compensation for damage caused by their space object on the surface of the earth (art. II). Compensation is to be determined in accordance to international law and principles of justice and equity to provide reparation that will restore the person, natural or juridical, State or international organisation to the situation which would have existed if the damage had not occurred (art XII). If the damage caused by a space object presents a large-scale danger to human life or seriously interferes with the living conditions of the population or the functioning of the vital centres, Parties undertake to examine the possibility of rendering rapid assistance to the State that has suffered the damage (art XXI). Institutional mechanisms: If no settlement to a claim is arrived at through diplomatic negotiations, the Parties concerned undertake to establish a Claims Commission (art. XIV) (Source: IUCN ELC, 08.2005)
Convention on International Liability for Damage caused by Space Objects (London Version)
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تاريخ الدخول
أغسطس 4, 1981
Place of adoption
London; Moscow; Washington D.C.
الدخول حيز النفاذ
سبتمبر 1, 1972
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