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Objectives: To establish the Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission. Summary of provisions: The purpose of the Commission is to promote the full and proper utilisation of living aquatic resources (art. IV). Its responsibilities are to, inter alia, increase the efficiency and sustainable productivity of fisheries and aquaculture, co-ordinate and develop training in all aspects of fisheries, disseminate information, and keep under review fishing and aquaculture industries. It is to co-operate with other international bodies of mutual interest. A report embodying its views, recommendations and decisions is to be transmitted to the Director-General of the FAO (art. V). Institutional mechanisms: The Commission is established within the framework of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO). It is to be composed of an Executive Committee (art. III) and of other necessary committees.
Agreement for the Establishment of the Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission
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تاريخ الدخول
ديسمبر 4, 1981
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الدخول حيز النفاذ
نوفمبر 9, 1948
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