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Do you know that four environmental defenders are killed every week?  

This course will expose you to the crisis of Environmental Defenders. It has been estimated that about 1600 environmental defenders have been killed since 2002, while many others and their families are subject of threats and violent attacks, enforced disappearances, illegal surveillance, travel bans, blackmail, judicial harassment, etc.

This one-hour course will introduce you to their stories, the reasons behind such violence, the obligations of States to protect them and the work that the UN is undertaken to denounce and stop theses human rights violations

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Define environmental defenders, and explain their situation
  2. Tell the stories of some victims
  3. List the obligations of States to protect under international law
  4. Recall the work of the Human Rights Council Special Rapporteurs and UN Environment

The e-learning course is comprised of two interactive modules. The core content of these lessons is complemented with additional materials, such as videos, publications and/or external website. It will take you one hour approximately to complete the course, excluding additional materials. You can manage your time as you wish; and retake the course whenever it is more convenient for you. You can also interact with other students and share your stories in the chat rooms and forums.

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