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The scale and rapidly increasing volume of marine litter and plastic pollution are putting the health of all the world’s oceans and seas at risk. Marine plastic litter has been found at all ocean depths and on the shores of even the most remote Pacific islands. Furthermore, emissions of plastic waste into aquatic ecosystems are projected to nearly triple by 2040 without meaningful action.

This course begins with an introduction to marine litter and plastic pollution, including the key facts and figures, the main sources and impacts (including on human rights) and some of the applicable environmental law principles. It then outlines the relevant legal and policy frameworks at the global and regional levels, before analyzing the main regulatory approaches taken at the country level.

This online course is comprised of 4 lessons, which provides links to relevant reference materials for further reading. The lessons are organized in interactive modules that combine the course theory with exercises and interactions that will facilitate the learning process.

Marine litter and plastic pollution course
marine debris, Pollution