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These Regulations are made by the Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Water and Rural Resettlement in accordance with the Agricultural Marketing Authority Act [Chapter 18:24]. The purpose of the Regulations is to regulate the production, procurement, distribution, possession, sale, provision and transportation of industrial hemp. To further the objectives of the Regulations, the Authority may issue certain permits including general cultivator s permit, a research and breeding permit and an industrial hemp merchant s permit. A general cultivator s permit allows the holder to cultivate hemp, process hemp for marketing purposes or sell hemp produce. A research and breeding permit allows the permit holder to perform a number of activities related to research and breeding of specified cultivars and varieties. The industrial hemp merchant s permit entitles the hold to perform activities related to the supply, procurement of industrial hemp within the country, among other things. The Regulations provide extensively for the procedure for application of and issuance of permits. There are also provisions for the renewal, suspension and cancellation of permits. The Regulations contain specific requirements for the cultivation, labeling of industrial hemp, transportation and the destruction of hemp plants after harvesting. The Regulations provide for good practices and standard operating procedures to be developed and implemented during the exercise of all activities and stages related to the production of industrial hemp.
Agriculture Marketing Authority (Industrial Hemp) Regulations, 2020
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