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This Agreement between Mali, Mauritania e Senegal creates the Organization for the development of the river Senegal (OMVS). The Organization shall, among other things: provide for application of the Convention relating to the statute of the Senegal river of March 11, 1972; promote and coordinate studies and development work relating to resources of the basin of the Senegal river; and carry out any technical and economic mission that the Member States will want to entrust to the Organization.
The Agreement also provides for the administration of the Organization, resolution of disputes between member states, new members, revision of the Convention and the dissolution of the Organization and charges a Standing committee of water to define the principles and the methods of the distribution of water of the Senegal river between the States and according to sectors of use of water, i.e. industry, agriculture and transportation.
Convention creating organization for the development of the Senegal River.
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