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This Executive Decree approves the Internal Regulation of the National Directorate of Forests. Within the scope of the competences established in article 15 of the Statute of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the National Directorate of Forestry is responsible to: a) propose development policies and strategies in the field of forests and wild fauna; b) elaborate studies aimed at the conservation and sustainable management of forestry, fauna and beekeeping resources; c) ensure the elaboration and implementation of methodological norms aimed to the prevention of deforestation, forest degradation and desertification; d) promote the extension of the forestry surface and issue opinions on afforestation and reforestation plans, with a view to their inclusion in the national forest heritage and the conservation of terrestrial biodiversity; e) control and follow up the activity of the industries that transform forestry products and their by-products; f) control and supervise forestry activities, under the terms of the law; g) comply with provisions resulting from regional and international agreements; h) promote the development of the forest production value chain; i) draw up studies aimed at fixing fees and charges due to the exploitation of forest resources; j) draw up studies with a view to updating the price and market policy for forestry products, etc.
Executive Decree No. 46/23 approving the Internal Regulation of the National Directorate of Forests.
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