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This Law, consisting of 155 articles divided into ten Chapters, defines the legal framework for the fishing sector, the principles and general rules for the conservation, exploitation and management of fisheries resources in the aquatic environment under the sovereignty and jurisdiction of S o Tom and Pr ncipe, in accordance with the Constitution and internationally assumed obligations, which include extractive activities, complementary to fisheries and aquaculture. These provisions are applicable to the continental shelf, the Exclusive Economic Zone, the territorial sea, the archipelagic waters, as defined in Law No. 1/98 of 31 March, delimiting the islands of S o Tom and Pr ncipe in relation to marine waters, as well as the salty or brackish waters of river estuaries, up to the limit where they are subject to the influence of the tides or limit that has been fixed by law, hereinafter referred to as by the expression 'national maritime waters'. This Law also applies to: a) Fishing activities carried out by natural or legal persons, national or foreign, in national maritime waters and throughout the National Territory; b) Fishing activities by national natural or legal persons in areas outside national jurisdiction, as S o Tom and Pr ncipe does not come into conflict of jurisdiction with a third State; e) People, fishing vessels and equipment, vehicles, aircraft, processing, import and export establishments, and any other facilities whose activity is related to fishing activity; d) Aquaculture, under the terms defined in the present legislation; e) Marine protected areas; and f) Fisheries protected areas.
Law No. 9/2022 on Fisheries and Aquaculture.
Sao Tome and Principe
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