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This Act consisting of 21 articles aims at establishing the National council for Agricultural Fertilizers with the following main tasks (i) establish the Fertilizers register where entering fertilizers according to specifications approved by the Sudanese cooperation for specifications and metrology; (ii) licensing of manufacturing and trading in fertilizers, or renewing of the license at a national level, or cancelling thereof; (iii) prohibit the fertilizers and limit its usage if it does not comply with the concerned specifications; and (iv) establish committees for inspection, control and supervision of the fertilizers. The Council is also responsible for (i) deciding on import, export, manufacture, storage, transport, distribution, sale, use, or promotion of any type of fertilizer; (ii) labeling; (iii) deciding on types of permissible fertilizer, conditions and the procedures to be followed for its use and dealings with; and (iv) appointing a fertilizer registrar of competence and experience in fertilizers field. Art.8 lists the cases of non-compliance of fertilizers with the conditions and the specified measures.
The Act deals also with (i) licenses for fertilizers importation and manufacturing; (ii) State support for tests for modern fertilizers which the state needs for importation; (iii) inspection and control.
National Agricultural Fertilizers Act of 2018.
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