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This Act is enacted to regolate national strategies preparation.
There shall be national strategies as goals for sustainable national development in accordance with the governance principles and as a framework for the preparation of plans. The national strategies must at least consist of: (1) visions for national development; (2) long-term goals for national development, periods of time within which action must be taken for achieving the goals and indicators of the achievement thereof; (3) strategies in various areas.
The National Strategies Board shall be established. The Board's duties and powers include: (1) to prepare draft national strategies; (2) to determine procedures for public participation in the preparation of national strategies and participation in the monitoring, examination and assessment of the implementation of national strategies; (3) to monitor national reform to ensure conformity with national strategies as provided in the law on national reform plans and procedures; etc.
National Strategies Preparation Act, B.E.2560 (2017).
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