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This Presidential Decree approves the Operational Framework for Sustainable Financing (QOFS). QOFS establishes the guidelines for the Angolan State's action in the international debt market, with emphasis on contracting financing through sustainable instruments, ensuring that the debt strategy is aligned with the country's environmental and social policies. Below are the categories of projects and eligible expenses related to the issuance of sustainable instruments under the QOFS: a) The main SDGs that the category contributes to achieve; b) The description of the category; c) The target population. In total, 5 green and 5 social categories were identified: a) Green categories: i. Renewable energy; ii. Pollution prevention and control; iii. Environmental protection; iv. Sustainable use of water; v. Sustainable oceans (blue economy). b) Social categories: i. Education; ii. Health; iii. Access to basic infrastructure; iv. Empowerment of vulnerable populations; v. Employment generation and competitiveness.
Presidential Decree No. 106/23 approving the Operational Framework for Sustainable Financing.
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