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This Order, which is composed by 5 Chapters, determines the mission, responsibilities, organization and functioning of the Rwanda Environment Management Authority.
Among the responsibilities of the Authority, which are detailed at Chapter 2, there are the implementation of the Government environmental policy; the advisory activity to the Government on environmental and climate change issues, as well as the establishment of measures of prevention and the management of research and study activities in those fields; the monitoring and evaluation of development programs and projects to ensure the compliance with laws and regulations on environment; the preparation of action plans and strategies for the prevention of and remedy to disasters and hazards which may degrade environment; the set up of technical guidelines and support on environment conservation and climate change mitigation; the coordination, monitoring and evaluation of environmental impact assessment, environmental audit, strategic environmental assessment and the publication of a periodical report on the state of environment in Rwanda.
Chapter 3 and 4 are dedicated, respectively, to the setting up of rules on the organization and functioning of the Authority and to its properties and financing. The final provisions of Chapter 5 terminate the Order.
Presidential Order n 033/01 of 06/05/2022 governing Rwanda Environment Management Authority.
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