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This Act comprising 30 Sections aims at promoting and enhancing rural electrification which continues to be conducted by the Rural Electrification Authority established under the repealed Act. The Authority's functions include (i) promoting rural electrification technologies to boost social and economic development in rural areas; (ii) developing mechanisms for acquiring grid extensions and on/off-grid systems; (iii) recommending programs to the government to improve rural electricity access; (iv) implementing the rural electrification master plan; (v) administering the Fund for rural electrification; (vi) mobilizing funds domestically and internationally; (vii) procuring construction projects in compliance with the Public Procurement Act; (viii) offering competitive smart subsidies on rural electrification projects; (ix) financing project preparation studies based on established guidelines; (x) coordinating with the private sector, NGOs, and other institutions; (xi) providing technical guidance and consultancy services to state institutions, rural communities, and organizations. The Rural Electrification Fund, established under the repealed Act, continues, with the main purpose of increasing and sustaining the availability of electricity in rural areas and ensuring access to electricity to the rural population. The Financial Provisions included in the Part IV deal with the funds, financial year, accounts and annual report of the Authority.
Rural Electrification Act, No. 5 of 2023.
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