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This Law consisting of 23 articles divided in V Chapters aims at establishing the Sea Ports Authority with the following main tasks (i) organizing, renovating, and encouraging investments in the marine port and marine transport sector, by intervening both at the administrative and infrastructure levels, together with supervisory and control measures; (ii) establish criteria, conditions, and technical characteristics for the safety and protection of sea and dry ports, and marine transport; and (iii) organize marine transport and monitoring of commercial vessels. Article 7 lists in detail the Authority's competences for the performance of its functions, including (i) the identification and implementation of its general policy and development plans to implement it; (ii) issue of permits; (iii) environmental protection; and (iv) navigation contingency plans. Article 10 establishes the Ports Authority Board of Directors and the following articles provide for its functions, cConditions for Board membership, meetings, appointment of a General Manager, together with his powers and functions. The Law also deals with financial issues.
Sea Ports Authority Law of 2019.
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