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Tonga National Invasive Species Strategy and Action Plan 2013-2020 is a sectoral strategy that will guide Tonga s efforts to effectively address the issue of invasive species to protect Tonga s natural heritage and people s livelihoods by preventing new invasive, or potentially invasive species, from arriving and establishing, and taking action against existing priority invasive species at priority sites.
Dealing with cross-cutting issues of invasive species the strategy provides for the protection of people s livelihoods and the conservation of biodiversity. The activities will evolve around the following objectives: - Generating support though training, awareness activities, and inclusion of related knowledge in schools curriculums; Building capacities by establishing institutions, skills, infrastructure, technical support, information management, networks and exchanges required to manage invasive species including the appointment of a national invasive species coordinator; Establishing appropriate legislation, policy and protocols required for the effective management of invasive species; Establishing an effective system for monitoring, reporting and recording invasive species will help track the threats posed by new and established invasive species and guide the management response; Prioritizing invasive species for management by establishing national risk assessment systems for invasive terrestrial, freshwater and marine species; Establish biosecurity through early detection and rapid response procedures; Management of established invasive species through the use of best practices and biocontrol agents; Restoring threatened species and ecosystems by replanting native plants and translocating animal species in case of degraded sites.
Further, the strategy promotes the implementation of biosecurity efforts in a socially equitable manner by maximizing community involvement in planning, implementation and monitoring as appropriate.
Regarding governance, the Ministry of Lands, Environment, Climate Change and Natural Resources will administer and coordinate actions under this strategy. Several other Government Ministries will be involved and the National Environment Coordinating Committee will oversee all environment projects. A monitoring plan will be prepared to track progress in meeting the objectives and activities in this strategy. The stratgy will be reviewed in 2016, by which time many of the activities will be completed or underway.
Tonga National Invasive Species Strategy and Action Plan 2013-2020.
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