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Tonga national tuna fisheries management and development plan (2015 2017) is a sectoral plan prepared with the overall goal of managing Tonga s tuna fisheries resources through an ecosystem-based, precautionary and rights-based approach in order to maximize the benefits to Tonga people while ensuring the biological and economic sustainability of the fishery.
The following measures will be implemented in order to ensure sustainability of tuna fisheries in Tonga: catch and effort limitations including a catch target of 2500 mt for South Pacific albacore, restrictions on the number of vessels licensed to fish, selected gear type, area restrictions, and other catch limitations as determined in the license s terms and conditions; Regulating the administration of the tuna fisheries including drafting of clear and transparent licensing guidelines and processes; Combating illegal, unregulated, and unreported fishing activities (Tonga will be improving and enhancing all its monitoring tools including its Vessel Monitoring System (VMS), National Observer Program, Port Sampling Program, Patrol Boat program and other surveillance activities); Access & Charter arrangements focused on exploration and implementation of alternative management measures such as bilateral, trilateral, and multilateral arrangements that support domestic longline fishing development, and implementation of Bareboat Charter Arrangement to reduce risks of participation in fishing and processing to investors and encourage locals to participate.
To enable more inclusive and efficient fisheries the policy foresees to strengthen the provision of business development services, and to facilitate industry development incentives and access to soft loans from financial institutions. An investment strategy will be prepared to assist in developing further domestic fisheries in the country. The Fisheries Division will seek assistance from the FFA with regard to certification processes that may be required to access overseas markets. It is proposed that a Fund be established for the purpose of developing the tuna fisheries sector in the Kingdom. The Fund shall be used solely to finance activities associated with the Plan, including, but not limited to the construction and maintenance of basic onshore based fisheries facilities and infrastructures and others.
Regarding governance, the Secretary for Fisheries is responsible for the plan's review and implementation including organizing consultations with key stakeholders during the review phase. The reviews shall take place at any time deemed necessary by the Secretary including annually and at the mid-term of the plan. Further, a Tuna Management and Development Committee shall be established to assist with reviewing the performance of the Tuna Management and Development Plan, and providing recommendations to the Secretary on such review.
Tonga National Tuna Fisheries Management and Development Plan (2015 2017).
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