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The Transitional Programme for Stabilization and Development (TPSD) is an instrument with a multi-sectoral approach whose overarching goal is to restore political security and economic stability. Youth and women empowerment is a cross-cutting issue in this programme.
One of the main objectives of the Programme is to enhance food security. Special regard is given to most vulnerable groups.
The document also seeks to make agriculture and fisheries more productive and sustainable. Specific measures concern the water crisis. These measures include: strengthening the capacity of agencies to implement integrated water resource management; improving coordination and cooperation between public agencies and water users to discourage depletion of ground water and protect water resources against pollution; encouraging water conservation in agriculture by using modern irrigation methods and water harvesting (rainwater); registering water rights for water users; substantial investment in water conservation and the environmentally expanding of rural and urban water supply; strengthening the role of women in managing water resources and protecting the environment; linking efforts for controlling climate change to those related to water resource management.
With respect to key area on economic growth, the overall goal is to reduce poverty through a package of inclusive and equitable policies and programmes to create the appropriate environment for promoting productive sectors. Special attention shall be given to gender equality and women s labor force participation as a cross cutting issue in developing the agricultural sector, enhancing food security, achieving the optimum exploitation of fisheries, and reviving the tourism sector.
The Programme aims to increase the resilience of livelihoods to disasters. Priority 3 is to meet urgent humanitarian and material needs, with special regard to nutrition, health and access to water.
Among the priorities, special attention is given to good governance and State building.
Transitional Programme for Stabilization and Development (TPSD) 2012-2014.
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