Access information on Multilateral Environmental Agreements

logo_aewa.pngAgreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds1 Aug 19931 Nov 1999Ratification
basel_logo.pngBasel Convention 26 Apr 1995Accession
logo_cbd_secondary.pngCartagena Protocol24 May 200011 Dec 2007Ratification
logo_cbd.pngConvention on Biological Diversity12 Jun 19927 May 1993Ratification
logo_cites.pngConvention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora21 Sep 198120 Dec 1981Accession
cms_logo_blue4c.jpgConvention on Migratory Species1 Aug 19931 Aug 1993Party
logo_unfccc_1.pngKyoto Protocol 7 Sep 2000Accession
UNEP-small-logo-engish.pngMinamata Convention on Mercury25 Nov 201321 Oct 2014Ratification
logo_unep_secondary.pngMontreal Protocol 25 Jun 1992Accession
logo_cbd_secondary.pngNagoya Protocol9 Dec 20117 Oct 2014Ratification
logo_unfccc_e.pngParis Agreement22 Apr 201621 Sep 2016Ratification
ramsar.pngRamsar Convention18 Mar 199318 Nov 1992Accession
logo_rotterdam.pngRotterdam Convention 7 Sep 2000Accession
logo_stockholm.pngStockholm Convention23 May 200111 Dec 2007Ratification
unccd.jpgUnited Nations Convention to Combat Desertification14 Oct 199423 Jun 1997Ratification
logo_unfccc.pngUnited Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change12 Jun 19927 May 1993Ratification
unclos-logo.pngUnited Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea4 Oct 19846 Sep 1985Ratification
UNEP-small-logo-engish.pngVienna Convention 25 Jun 1992Accession