Access information on Multilateral Environmental Agreements

basel_logo.pngBasel Convention22 Mar 198922 Jun 1994Ratification
logo_cbd_secondary.pngCartagena Protocol24 May 200024 Oct 2003Ratification
logo_cbd.pngConvention on Biological Diversity11 Jun 199214 Feb 1997Ratification
logo_cites.pngConvention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora23 Sep 199622 Dec 1996Accession
logo_unfccc_1.pngKyoto Protocol 28 May 2009Accession
unece-logo-new2_2.jpgConvention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution13 Nov 197918 Apr 1983Ratification
UNEP-small-logo-engish.pngMinamata Convention on Mercury24 Sep 2014 Signatory
logo_unep_secondary.pngMontreal Protocol 20 Sep 1991Accession
logo_unfccc_e.pngParis Agreement22 Apr 2016 Signatory
ramsar.pngRamsar Convention13 Nov 199413 Jul 1994Accession
logo_rotterdam.pngRotterdam Convention11 Sep 199821 Sep 2017Ratification
logo_stockholm.pngStockholm Convention23 May 200114 Oct 2009Ratification
barcelona_5.jpgSpecially Protected Areas and Biodiversity Protocol 18 Sep 2002Accession
barcelona_4.jpgHazardous Wastes Protocol1 Oct 19963 Apr 2004Ratification
barcelona_6.jpgOffshore Protocol  
barcelona_1.jpgBarcelona Convention16 Feb 19766 Apr 1981Ratification
barcelona_3.jpgPrevention and Emergency Protocol16 Feb 19766 Apr 1981Ratification
barcelona_7.jpgLand-Based Sources Protocol 21 Feb 1983Accession
unccd.jpgUnited Nations Convention to Combat Desertification14 Oct 199431 Mar 1998Ratification
logo_unfccc.pngUnited Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change 24 Feb 2004Accession
UNEP-small-logo-engish.pngVienna Convention 20 Sep 1991Accession