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Commission of the European Communities v. Republic of Greece
European Union
Type of document:
International court
Date of text:
September 10, 2009
Data source:
Court name:
European Court of Justice
Seat of court:
Ilešič, M. M
Borg Barthet, A.
Sharpston, E.
Reference number:
ECOLEX subject(s):
Waste & hazardous substances
Environment gen.
The European Court of Justice declared that, by failing to draw up and adopt within a reasonable period a hazardous-waste management plan that accords with the requirements of the relevant Community legislation, and by failing to establish an integrated and adequate network of disposal installations for hazardous waste that enables such waste to be disposed of by means of the most appropriate methods in order to ensure a high level of protection for the environment and public health, Greece has failed to fulfil its obligations under Articles 1(2) and 6 of Directive 91/689/EEC on hazardous waste, in conjunction with Articles 5(1) and (2) and 7(1) of Directive 2006/12/EC on waste. Additionally, the Court condemned Greece for failure to take all the necessary measures to ensure, as regards the management of hazardous waste, compliance with Articles 4 and 8 of Directive 2006/12/EC on waste and Articles 3(1), 6, 7, 8, 9, 13 and 14 of Directive 1999/31/EC on the landfill of waste.