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The Great Royal Circus vs Animal Welfare Board Of India.
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The petitioner Great Royal Circus has filed the writ petition to quash the letter dated 30.12.2002 of Animal Welfare Board of India, Chennai refusing to issue a certificate in respect of a chimpanzee maintained by the circus to direct the Animal Welfare Board of India to issue a certificate of performance of animals particularly Chimpanzee under the provisions of Animals (Registration) Rules 2001. The said animal was seized by the customs department and lodged in the National Zoological park, New Delhi. The Supreme Court has given a direction for handing over the same to the petitioner. The Blue Cross made a discreet visit to the petitioner circus without conducting any regular enquiry with experts and communicated the impugned letter dated 30.12.2002 with a direction to hand over the Chimpanzees to the said authorities. Animal Welfare Board of India received adverse report regarding the conditions of the animal in the petitioner circus, particularly Chimpanzees and the same was brought to the notice of the petitioner. Further, on inspection by the Blue Cross of India, it was noticed that the Chimpanzee was kept tied inside the cage with a chain with one end around its neck with a lock and the other end tied to the cage. in the light of the adverse report of the Blue cross the Court declared it was unable to accept the claim of the petitioner and dismissed the petition.