REQUEST N° 2013-070 REP and N° 2013-080 REP
Côte D'Ivoire
Type of document: 
Date of text: 
October 25, 2015
Data source: 
Court name: 
Supreme Court
Seat of court: 
Reference number: 
N 2013-070
ECOLEX Subject(s): 

In this case, the two plaintiffs require the annulation of a decree of the Ministry of Forest and Environment which redefine the limit of classified forest to include their lands. The plaintiffs considered that this decree violate their property rights on the land which result from another older decree from the Ministry of Forest and Environment and which was granting those lands to the plaintiffs.

After a close scrutiny of the decree granting a property right to the plaintiffs on the protected forests, the Supreme Court established that it was a forged document and that the occupation of this parcel of classified forest was unlawful. As a result it dismissed the appeal.

REQUETES N° 2013-070 REP DU 05 JUILLET 2013 N° 2013-080 REP DU 19 JUILLET 2013.pdf
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