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Sarah Chelagat Samoei v Musa Kipkering Kosgei & another [2016] eKLR
Type of document
National - higher court
Date of text
April 29, 2016
Data source
Court name
Environment and Land Court
Seat of court
Ombwayo A.
Reference number
No. 10 of 2013

The applicant, Sarah Chelagat Samoei has come to this court against Musa Kipkering Kosgei and Esther Seurei for review of the ruling on taxation herein made on 18.7.2014 by the Deputy Registrar and that the court to proceed to tax the bill under the appropriate provisions of law. The application is based on grounds that the applicant is dissatisfied with the order made on taxation particularly on items 1 and of the Bill of Costs. The applicant contends that the Deputy Registrar proceeded on the wrong premises in treating the application for transfer of suit as a suit and that the Bill of Costs ought to have been taxed on the basis of an application. Therefore no getting up fees was payable in respect of the Bill of Costs.