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Save Lamu et al. vs. National Environmental Management Authority and Amu Power Co., Ltd.
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On the basis of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) of Kenya issued an EIA Licence to Amu Power Company to proceed with a coal-fired power plant project in the County of Lamu.  The organization Save Lamu, alongside several other community groups, challenged the issuance of the Licence on the grounds, inter alia, that the EIA failed to fully account for environmental harms, that the mitigation measures were inadequate, and that the EIA process did not involve adequate public participation.  The tribunal set aside the EIA Licence, ordering Amu Power, should it still wish to pursue the project, to undertake a fresh EIA adhering to each step of existing EIA regulations, and directing NEMA to comply with these regulations to engage lead agencies and the public in the licensing process and to provide and publish reasons for its ultimate decision.