Access information on Multilateral Environmental Agreements

Supreme Administrative Court Judgment No. 2145/2559
Type of document
National - higher court
Date of text
December 16, 2016
Data source
Court name
Supreme Administrative Court of Thailand
Seat of court
Reference number
Decided Case No. A. 2145/2559
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The plaintiffs, a big private electricity generating company, signed an electricity supply contract with the Electricity Generating Authority (second defendant). The interpleaders, NGOs, requested access to information about the contract, and were granted access by the Electricity Generating Authority. The plaintiffs appealed the decision to the Information Disclosure Commissioner (first defendant). The Commissioner upheld the decision of the Electricity Generating Authority, and added a condition that information in the annexes 2 and 3, which could lead to trade advantages of competitors of the plaintiffs, could be accessed but not copied. The plaintiffs challenged the decision to the administrative court. The supreme administrative court upheld the decision of the Commissioner on the ground that the interpleaders had the right to access to official information, whether they had interest in such information or not and that the interpleaders did not operate the electricity businesses. The protection the Commissioner granted to information in the annexes 2 and 3 sufficed legal requirements.