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Supreme Administrative Court Judgment No. 311/2560
Type of document
National - higher court
Date of text
March 29, 2017
Data source
Court name
Supreme Administrative Court of Thailand
Seat of court
Reference number
Decided Case No. A. 311/2560

The Agriculture Land Reform Committee based its authority on the Land Reform for Agriculture Act and issued a regulation on “ Agreement to the use of natural resources in the land reform area in accordance with other laws” BE 2541 (1998).  Pursuant to the regulation, the permissions for mining in the areas under the land reform were granted, having considered that mining would render higher benefits for the nation. The court however ruled that the objective of the Land Reform for Agriculture Act was to ensure access to lands for agriculture by poor farmers as part of an effort to reduce economic inequality. The regulation, which resulted in the permission for mining was not for the purpose of agriculture. It was hence issued outside the scope of the Land Reform for Agriculture Act and ultra vires. The court decided to revoke the regulation.