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69. The fifteenth session of the Bureau of the Committee will be held in Paris from 17to 21 June 1991. For this occasion only, the session will last five days rather than four, given the especially full agenda for this session, at which, among other things, the Bureau must examine the issue of adopting new criteria allowing the examination of cultural landscapes for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

70. The Secretariat informed the Committee that the Government of Greece had indicated its intention to invite the Committee to hold its seventeenth session in that country in 1993. In this regard, the Secretariat pointed out to the Committee that Greece's term of office on the World Heritage Committee would end in 1991 and that it was necessary to await the results of the elections at the next General Assembly in the second half of 1991 to know whether Greece's term of office on the Committee would be renewed. Only a State member of the Committee could invite the Committee to hold a session in its country, in accordance with its Rules of Procedure.

71. On behalf of his government, the delegate from Tunisia invited the Committee to hold its fifteenth session in 1991 in Carthage. He noted that, given that the Committee had not held a session in the Arab cultural world since 1979, this was a major opportunity to highlight the universality inherent in the objectives of the Convention. The members of the Committee enthusiastically accepted this generous invitation. The Secretariat stated that it was especially pleased with this invitation since it would at the same time allow a celebration of the success of the international campaign focusing on Carthage. The Secretariat nevertheless pointed out that, in accordance with the Rules of Procedure, this proposal would be submitted to the Director General for approval and that this invitation should not incur any additional expense. The fifteenth session of the Committee could thus be held in Carthage in the second week of December 1991.