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XVII.1 The Committee decided that the nineteenth session of the Bureau of the World Heritage Committee would be held at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris from 26 June - 1 July 1995, pending confirmation of the availability of UNESCO conference facilities for those dates. (Please see NOTE at the bottom of this page.)1

XVII.2 The Committee took note of the fact that the UNIDROIT conference on cultural property would take place in Rome from 5 to 23 June 1995.

XVII.3 The Provisional Agenda for the nineteenth session of the Bureau as outlined in Document WHC-94/CONF.003.12 was adopted with the addition of the following items from the agenda of the eighteenth session of the Committee which time did not permit to be considered:

Revision of the Operational Guidelines

  • Deadline for Presentation of Requests for Technical Assistance for Consideration by the Bureau;
  • Establishment of the World Heritage List (Role of the Advisory Bodies in the Evaluation of Nominations);
  • International Assistance (Approval of Requests for Preparatory, Technical and Training Assistance);

and with the addition of the following new agenda items:

  • Report by the World Heritage Committee to the 28th General Conference of UNESCO;
  • Report on the Madrid expert meeting on Routes as Cultural Heritage 24-25 November 1994);
  • Report on the Ottawa expert meeting on Heritage Canals (15-19 September 1994);
  • Report on the forthcoming expert meeting proposed by the Delegation of Germany on the procedure for assessment of nominated natural sites with special reference to "integrity."

XVII.4 The Secretariat noted that reports on the three above-mentioned expert meetings could be included in Agenda item 7: "Progress report on the implementation of the Global Strategy."

1NOTE: Upon further consultation of the Chairman and the Bureau members, it was agreed that the nineteenth session would be from 3 to 8 July 1995 in Paris.