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The Conference of the Parties, in Decision VC II/1 of its Second Meeting, decided:

  1. To amend paragraph 2 of rule 6 as follows:

    Delete the words "in matters of direct concern to the organizations and states they represent" in the third and fourth lines of the paragraph. The paragraph would now read: "Such observers may, upon invitation of the President and if there is no objection from the Parties present, participate without the right to vote in the proceedings of any meeting.";

  2. To amend paragraph 1 of rule 21 of the Rules of Procedure to include the following additional sentences:

    "In electing its officers, the meeting of the Conference of the Parties shall have due regard to the principle of equitable geographical distribution. The offices of the President and Rapporteur of the meeting of the Parties shall normally be subject to rotation among the five groups of States referred to in section I of General Assembly resolution 2997 (XXVII) of 16 December 1972, by which UNEP was established.";

  3. To amend rules 23 and 24 as follows:
    1. Rule 23 - delete paragraph 2;
    2. Rule 24 - delete the words "other than the President" and replace by the words "of the Bureau".