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The Conference of the Parties, in Decision VC II/4 of its Second Meeting, decided to note the outcome of the first meeting of the Ozone Research Managers (WMO Global Ozone Research and Monitoring Project Report No. 23) and, in accordance with the recommendations of that meeting:

  1. To recommend that the collaboration with WMO in the co-ordination of research and systematic observations should be further expanded;
  2. To request the Parties to the Convention to determine the ways and means to provide scientific and technical training in ozone monitoring and research and other relevant assistance especially to developing countries;
  3. To recommend that WMO should continue to provide guidance and infrastructure to ensure the maintenance and calibration of existing GO3OS stations, their data availability and analysis, and to aim at expanding the GO3OS to better cover the polar and tropical regions;
  4. To request the Secretariat to continue to collect information, within the framework of the Convention, on national research activities and ensure its wide distribution;
  5. To recall Decision VCI/6(a)(ii) of the First Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Vienna Convention which requested the meeting of the ozone Research Managers to be composed of:
    1. Government Atmospheric Research Managers, and;
    2. Government Research Managers of research related to health and environmental effects of ozone modifications, and to request WMO in collaboration with UNEP to continue to arrange for convening the Ozone Research Managers meetings related to the Vienna Convention and to ensure that scientific assessment panels under the Montreal Protocol co-operate closely, to which end the chairpersons of the assessment panels should be invited to participate in the meetings of the Ozone Research Managers;
  6. To request the Parties to take note of the full range of recommendations in the Ozone Research Managers Meetings report and request that the Ozone Research Managers establish priorities for those recommendations in their next report.