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The Seventeenth Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. XVII/4:

Acknowledging that Tajikistan has notified the Secretariat, pursuant to decision XV/3, that its ratification process is under way and that it will do all that is possible to complete that procedure as expeditiously as possible,

Expressing regret that despite its best efforts, Tajikistan will not be able to ratify the Beijing Amendment before the expiry of decision XV/3 on the last day of the Seventeenth Meeting of the Parties,

  1. That on the basis of the data submitted under Article 7 of the Protocol and the review conducted by the Implementation Committee, Tajikistan is in full compliance with Articles 2, 2A to 2I and 4 of the Montreal Protocol, including its Beijing Amendment;
  2. That the exceptions provided for in paragraph 8 of Article 4 of the Montreal Protocol shall apply to Tajikistan from 17 December 2005;
  3. That the determination in paragraph 1 of the present decision and the exceptions referred to in paragraph 2 of the present decision shall expire at the end of the Eighteenth Meeting of the Parties.