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12. The General Assembly unanimously decided that the amount of the mandatory contributions to be paid to the World Heritage Fund during the 1988-1989 period, in accordance with Article 16, paragraph 1 of the Convention, would be maintained at 1 % of the amount of the contributions of States Parties to the Regular Programme of Unesco, as had been decided at the five pre­vious General Assemblies. The representative of India asked whether it was possible for a State Party to pay to the World Heritage Fund a voluntary contribution in addition to the man­datory contribution, for such was her country's intention. The representative of the Director General thanked her for this generous offer and informed her that this was perfectly possible, in accordance with Article 16.1 of the Convention. In addition, the Assembly was informed that voluntary contributions had been regularly paid to the World Heritage Fund by Austria and The Netherlands, States which are not Parties to the Convention, and that a voluntary contribution was paid to the Fund by Monaco, before this State became Party to the Convention.