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Komodo National Park (Indonesia) (US$ 64,500 requested)

The Bureau reviewed the request for the purchase of a fibreglass catamaran boat and additional accessories for the GIS system for a total of US$ 64,500. However, in the light of the amount of funds already provided for the purchase of boats for the site, the Bureau recommended the Committee to approve the above project for a reduced amount of US$ 30,000, under the condition that the Indonesian authorities find an additional US$ 30,000 from other sources for its purchase. It furthermore suggested that the boat be insured by the Indonesian authorities as a matter of general policy.

Lake Malawi National Park (Malawi) (US$ 30,000 requested)

The Bureau recommended to the Committee to approve US$ 30,000 for a technical assistance project for the site. The project includes a comprehensive biological inventory of the Park, which contributes to the preparation of a new management plan, local awareness programmes and community projects, boat purchase and refurbishment, and an alternative income-generating study for the local population.