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9. The representative of the Bureau of the Comptroller introduced document CC-80/CONF. 018/2 by which, in accordance with the Financial Regulations for the World Heritage Fund, the accounts of the Fund were submitted to the General Assembly. He drew attention to the statement of accounts for the financial period which ended on 31 December 1978, given in Annex I to the document, and to the interim statement for the two-year financial period 1979-1980, drawn up as at 31 July 1980, set out in Annex II. The Assembly was then informed that contributions had been received from several States Parties since 31 July 1980 as follows :



$                           100.00


$                     11,511.50


$                     44,140.00

(The greater part of this sum had been received before 31 July 1980 but had been erroneously credited to a different fund)


$                       5,000.00

(Voluntary contribution)


$                     43,705.00

Costa Rica

$                           433.00

for 1977-1978

$                           287.00

against 1979-1980


$                           278.00


$                            290.00


$                       2,323.00


$                   48,642.00


$                           290.00


$                       3,775.00


$                           145.00


$                           290.00

Syrian Arab Republic

$                           290.00

United States of America

$                   300,000.00

(Voluntary contribution)


$                        5,726.50


 10. The delegates of Chile and the Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya requested that the contributions which they had paid in addition to their mandatory contributions should be included in the statement on voluntary contributions. The delegate of the Federal Republic of Germany informed the Assembly that the voluntary contribution of 110,788.00 paid by his Government was for the two-year period 1979-1980 and not for 1980 only. The Secretariat undertook to amend the financial statement for 1979-1980 to take account of the above-mentioned observations.

11. The General Assembly then took note of the accounts of the World Heritage Fund for the financial period which ended on 31 December 1978 and of the interim statement of accounts for the two-year financial period 1979-1980 as at 31 July 1980, on the understanding that the amendments referred to above would be made thereto. The Assembly also noted the information provided by the representative of the Bureau of the Comptroller on the contributions received since 31 July 1980.

12. The Deputy Assistant Director-General for Culture and Communication drew the attention of the meeting to the budget for the period September 1980-December 1981, which had been adapted by the World Heritage Committee at its recent session in the light of funds available; this budget amounted to $ 1,423,000. Of this sum $170,000 had been set aside for preparatory assistance projects, $445,000 for technical cooperation, $ 335,000 for training and $ 220,000 for emergency assistance.