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In response to the invitation extended by the World Heritage Committee at its twelfth session, the Holy See and Italy, each according to its competence, submitted a joint request for the inclusion of the extra­territorial properties of the Holy See which are located in the historic centre of Rome, extended to the walls of Urban VIII. The properties concerned are as follows: Complesso dei San Giovanni in Laterano (Basilica, Palazzo Apostolico Lateranense, edifici annessi, Scala santa); Complesso di Santa Maria Maggiore (Basilica, edifici annessi); Palazzo di San Callisto, in Trastevere; Palazzo della Cancelleria; Palazzo di Propaganda Fide, in Piazza di Spagna; Palazzo Maffei (Palazzo della Pigna); Palazzo del Santo Uffizio; Palazzo dei Convertendi; Palazzo detto dei Propilei; Palazzo Pio; Immobili sul Gianicolo; as well as the inclusion of the Basilica of San Paolo fuori le Mura.

On the basis of cultural criteria (i), (ii), (iv) and (vi), the Committee decided to proceed with this extension, with which it was extremely pleased. The extended site will be inscribed as:

"Historic Centre of Rome, the properties of the Holy See in that city enjoying its extra-territorial rights and San Paolo Fuori le Mural"                                     


Italy/Holy See (each according to jurisdiction)

As emphasized by the Delegate of the Holy See, the Committee felt that this situation, which was sui generis, would not constitute a precedent.