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The World Heritage Committee,

  1. Takes note of the list of all nominations received by the World Heritage Centre between 28 January 2002 and 1 February 2003 as presented in document WHC-03/6 EXT.COM/7 Rev;
  2. Decides that the 32 new nominations determined by the World Heritage Centre to be complete by 1 February 2003 and four additional nominations for which the Centre had asked for guidance from the Committee be transmitted to the Advisory Bodies for evaluation.
  3. Requests the World Heritage Centre to assist States Parties who have submitted incomplete nominations to make them complete for submission in future years.
  4. Requests the World Heritage Centre to further develop, for inclusion in the revised Operational Guidelines (see decision 6 EXT. COM 5), an accurate description of the process and the list of requirements to be used by the World Heritage Centre to determine whether a nomination is complete. This revision should build upon text proposed in Paragraph II.E.1 and Annex VI of the 3rd draft annotated revised Operational Guidelines presented in document WHC-03/6 EXT.COM/ INF.5B.