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Spatial planning – Article 5 of the Carpathian Convention

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The Conference of the Parties

1. thanks the Carpathian Space Strategic Stakeholders Workshop on Spatial Planning for its work, takes note of the report contained in the document UNEP/CC/COP2/2, and invites Parties and other stakeholders to ensure the proper follow-up;

2. recommends the continuation of the activity of the Working Group on Spatial Planning;

3. welcomes the results of the Carpathian Project, in particular its contributions to integrate European spatial development policies with the management of the Carpathians’ fragile ecosystem in a transnational context;

4. notes and welcomes the VASICA and its background documents as a strategic basis for the future sustainable development of the Carpathian region, including international, regional and transboundary cooperation;

5. calls upon spatial planning/development authorities of the Carpathian countries to continue the cooperation on issues relevant for spatial planning to achieve the territorial cohesion of the Carpathian region, including inputs and support to the development and implementation of relevant projects and the possible future establishment of a Carpathian Space Programme;

6. welcomes the Follow-up Platform established by the interim Secretariat as a useful tool for information-sharing and coordination of projects developed for application to European programmes or other relevant funding sources.