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Sustainable tourism – Article 9 of the Carpathian Convention

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The Conference of the Parties

1. welcomes the work and takes note of the report and the recommendations of the Working Group on Sustainable Tourism, as contained in UNEP/CC/COP2/2, and support by CEEweb/ETE and invites Parties and stakeholders to ensure the proper follow-up;

2. invites Parties and other stakeholders to continue to take part in the preparatory work towards the development of a Protocol and Strategy on Sustainable Tourism, and requests the interim Secretariat to further coordinate and service them in the process;

3. calls upon Parties and invites relevant institutions to support the development of future projects/programmes (including the "Via Carpatica");

4. urges Parties and invites other stakeholders to plan, develop and manage tourism in the Carpathians according to the principles of sustainable development;

5. invites the interim Secretariat to take into account the experience of the Alpine Convention in the field of sustainable tourism.