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Green Benches Program Support for the Supreme Court of Thailand and Thai Judiciary: Development of Introductory Course on International and National Environmental Law and Governance in Thailand.

The Judicial Training Institute of Thailand (JTI), USAID, and UNEP co-hosted a 5 half-day virtual event for judges. Participants, overseas experts and presenters connected via zoom. Approximately 70 participants attended, including judges, trainers/facilitators, and organizers. Simultaneous translations (Thai-English) was provided. Originally envisaged as an in-person event, due to COVID-19 the training was re-imagined as a virtual training. InforMEA worked with JTI and USAID to create and host the course on its platform.

The course comprises 10 lessons that combine online learning with moderated tutorials and review that can be conducted in-person or virtually. The introductory course provides foundational knowledge for the judges on environmental law principles and enables judges to treat transnational organized environmental and wildlife crime as serious crimes.

The course also represents one of the first InforMEA experiences with a blended learning approach - combining the self-paced online modules with proctored tutorials and discussions - as well as the first InforMEA course available in a non-UN language.

The course can be accessed here.