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CMS Family Guide

The CMS Family Guide has been revised and the Fourth Edition is now available here. the Guide will no longer be printed but is being distributed with the CMS information Album (right) on "credit card" style USB sticks.

The Guide will also be updated more regularly with the latest information about CMS, its Agreements and other instruments and information about species.

Imprint_0_3_0_0.pdf , Introduction_0_3_0_0.pdf , _Index.pdf , Species.pdf , Resolutions.pdf , Threats & Challenges_1.pdf , History & Structure_2.pdf , Information & Cap-Bdg_0.pdf , Agreements & MOUs.pdf

Living Planet: Connected Planet - Preventing the End of the World´s Wildlife Migrations through Ecological Networks


CMS Family Album

The album has been printed in all three official languages of the Convention (English, French and Spanish)

and has also been translated into Chinese, German and Russian for posting on the CMS Website.

CMS Leaflet inside_CMYK_3_0_0.pdf , CMS leaflet outside_CMYK_3_0_0.pdf

Bats around the world

“Bats around the World” is an electronic publication on bats to increase awareness and involve the general public in the conservation of these fascinating animals. Interesting facts about bats, species profiles, threats and conservation activities undertaken by organizations across the globe can now be accessed by experts and interested laymen alike. The publication shall serve as an incentive to learn about and protect these species. The readers are invited not only to find out about these fascinating species, but also to take a quiz after reading the material to test their knowledge about bats! In addition, a “Build your bat box” game takes the readers through the steps needed to build a home for bats. The Secretariat hopes to motivate many readers to turn the game into reality by getting involved in the protection of bats! The production of this publication was made possible by the generous support of the Federal Office for the Environment of the Swiss Confederation.


Convention on Migratory Species - Brochure

CMS_brochure_e.pdf , CMS_brochure_f.pdf , CMS_brochure_s.pdf , CMS_brochure_g.pdf