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This Strategic Electricity Sector Roadmap 2021-2040 s goals are to transform the electricity sector in order to exploit new sources of reliable and affordable electricity and to achieve the Universal Access target by 2025. Concerning the overview of the Policy, electricity is considered a catalyst for the development and therefore Universal Access to electricity will improve the quality of life of all Gambians, bringing benefits in education and job opportunities. The development and the reinforcement of the regional electricity grid will deliver technical, planning and financial benefits to the Country. Considered the recent improvement in the electricity sector, the strategic roadmap 2021-2040 is divided into two sub-period strategic objectives: big push to achieve universal access to electricity by 2025 and consolidation of the sector between 2026 and 2040.
Demand forecast paragraph concerns statistics and figures related to residential demand, productive sector demand and geographical demand, taking into account average consumption of electricity. The Policy focuses on the elaboration and approach to the universal access strategy and to the realisation of a transmission and distribution master plan even in interconnection with Senegal. Contingency plans are considered as options to ensure the goal of Universal Access. The New Electricity Supply Options paragraph concerns the examination of the current electricity system of the Country, composed of four individual networks, and the studies on the tree new supply options: solar photovoltaic; the exploitation of the natural gas deposits off the coasts of Gambia and Senegal to generate electricity; import options. The paragraph on generation least cost plan concerns the elaboration and methodology of the plan, and the definition of its goal to supply electricity at the lowest economic cost. Assumptions and studies concern: existing, committed and candidate power plants; forecasts on the evolution of fuel price; the elaboration of various supply scenarios, to conclude that the least cost option is to import electricity from Senegal or Ivory Coast. The last paragraph of the Policy concerns roadmap directives, financing requirements and the institutional structure and implementation arrangements.
Universal Access by 2025 and Transforming the Gambia Electricity Sub-sector. Strategic Roadmap 2021-2040.
The Gambia
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