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This Act, consisting of 100 articles, divided into ten Parts, provides for the establishment and the definition of functions of the Gambia Public Procurement Authority, and for the procedures to apply in the public procurement of goods, works and services. The Act aims at providing a framework system in order to ensure: transparent and efficient public procurement, accountability, prevention of fraud and corruption in public procurement, improvements in social and economic capacity of the country. The Act concerns: the establishment of the Gambia Public Procurement Authority, the definition of its functions and powers; general provisions on procurement and procurement principles; fraud, corruption and conflict of interests; financing of all public procurement contracts; rules concerning the description of goods, works and services; sustainability in procurement, including environmental impact and protection; methods of procurement; access to bidding documents; appeal of procurement decisions and settlement of disputes; procurement implementation structure; offences related to procurement; penalties and sanctions, including any damages caused during public procurement activity; emergency procurement.
The Gambia Public Procurement Act 2022.
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