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This Law, consisting of 98 articles divided into eleven Chapters and a Glossary, regulates all activities involved in maritime sector. The purpose of this Law is to establish the legal regime applicable to the exercise of the powers of sovereignty and jurisdiction over the national maritime space, the exploitation of marine living and non-living resources, as well as the use of the public maritime domain. This Law applies to the following issues: a) the national maritime space, including the navigable waters of the lake and river domain and its bed and subsoil subject to maritime jurisdiction, as well as to the public domain adjacent to those waters, under the terms of the law: b) to national and foreign vessels, manned or not, that sail in the national maritime space and wherever they are; c) maritime objects, including cables, ducts, maritime installations and structures and artificial islands; d) maritime infrastructures, installations and equipment, which support navigation or for others-. purposes: e) fixed and/or mobile maritime platforms, installations, structures and equipment used in various activities, such as natural living and non-living exploration, research and research of any kind; f) to natural or legal entities linked to maritime activities that are carried out within the jurisdictional limits of the Mozambican State, without prejudice to the specific legislation applicable to activities that occur at sea Except in cases where it provides otherwise, this Law does not apply to vessels and crew of the National and Foreign State Navy.
Law of the Sea No. 20/2019.
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