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Important: When making reservations at any of the listed hotels or guest houses, please indicate the purpose for reservation as ‘UNEP meeting’ and request UN rates.

Greening our meetings:

As part of our Environmental Management System, the Secretariat is committed to making its meetings as green and sustainable as possible. Participants can support this, among others, by:

  • Bringing and utilising reusable water bottles during the meeting
  • Bringing and reusing lanyards

For more information, see the ‘Green travel and event tips’ under ‘Greening our meetings’.

Delegate statements:

Parties are requested to submit their statements in advance by email to Jacqueline Nyanjui (jacqueline.nyanjui [at] un.org (jacqueline[dot]nyanjui[at]un[dot]org)) by close of business on Wednesday, 25 October 2023. The order in which statements are delivered will be determined by the date and time of their submission.

Side events and exhibitions:

The request form for side events and exhibitions is available here. The deadline for submission of applications is Monday, 18 September 2023.

Credentials of parties’ representatives

Rule 18 of the rules of procedure for the meetings provides that the credentials of representatives and the names of alternate representatives and advisers are to be submitted to the Executive Secretary of the meeting, if possible, no later than twenty hours after the opening of the meeting. Any later change in the composition of a delegation is also to be submitted to the Executive Secretary. Accordingly, credentials are required for participation in the online meeting and should be issued either by the Head of State or Government or by the Minister of Foreign Affairs or, in the case of a regional economic integration organization, by the competent authority of that organization. In view of the meeting being held online, parties should submit the signed and scanned credentials by email to Maria Socorro Manguiat (maria.manguiat [at] un.org (maria[dot]manguiat[at]un[dot]org)) with a copy to Jacqueline Nyanjui (jacqueline.nyanjui [at] un.org (jacqueline[dot]nyanjui[at]un[dot]org)) any time before the commencement of the meeting and if possible, no later than twenty-four hours after the meeting is opened. The officers of the meeting shall thereafter examine the credentials and submit their report to the meeting. Whenever possible before or after the meeting, the original copies of credentials may be forwarded to the Secretariat through diplomatic channels or by mail.

22 - 27 октября 2023
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