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The First Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. I/11 with regard to report and confidentiality of data:

  1. that each Party is required to report its annual production, imports and exports of each individual controlled substance;
  2. that Parties submitting data on controlled substances deemed to be confidential by that Party shall, in submitting the data to the Secretariat, require a guarantee that the data will be treated with professional secrecy and maintained confidential;
  3. that the Secretariat in preparing reports on data of controlled substances shall aggregate the data from several Parties in such a way as to ensure that data from Parties deemed to be confidential is not disclosed. The Secretariat shall also publish total data aggregated over all Parties for each individual controlled substance;
  4. that Parties wishing to exercise their rights under Article 12, paragraph b of the Protocol may have access from the Secretariat to confidential data from other Parties, provided that they send an application in writing guaranteeing that such data will be treated with professional secrecy and not disclosed or published in any way;
  5. that data submitted under Article 7 shall when necessary be made available on a confidential basis to resolve disputes under Article 11 of the Convention.