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Биологическое разнообразие


A fishery is characterized by the categories of people involved, species or type of fish, area of water or seabed, method of fishing, class of boats, purpose of the activities or a combination of the foregoing features. (Source: FAO, 1997)
The industry of catching, processing and selling fish. (Source: GEMET/ CED)

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Multilateral environment agreements tagged with рыболовство

You can see below a list of multilateral environment agreements. Use the links on the right to view the content tagged with рыболовство. This includes official treaty texts, decisions, recommendations, and other related informational documents such as publications, annuals, meetings, documents or reports.
Базельская конвенция
Боннская конвенция
Соглашение по охране афро-евразийских мигрирующих водно-болотных птиц
Рамсарская конвенция
Региональная конвенция о сохранении природной среды Красного моря и Аденского залива


Presentation - Biodiversity for Fisheries and Aquaculture