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Article 55 shall be amended to add the following wording: Land in Turkmenistan is used on a paid basis. The types of payment for the use of land are payment for land and rent for land. The tax authority in the field of land relations performs the following functions: (a) summarizes information on the calculated amounts of payment for land and rent for land (copies of documents certifying the right to land use and the right to lease of land are attached to the information, respectively) as of the first day of each month, submitted by the state land administration authority; (b) keeps records of land payment and land rent for each of the parties that received land plots for tenancy and lease, draws up a report and submits it to the relevant local self-government and state body for land management; (c) participates, together with the state body for land management, in the work on a comparative analysis conducted by the relevant local self-government in order to control the correct calculation of the amount of land payment and rent for land and the full and timely payment by land users and land tenants of these payments in accordance with the legislation of Turkmenistan; (d) summarizes monthly reports on payment for land and rent for land and submits it to a higher authority; and (e) submits proposals to the higher body on the issues of payment for land and rent for land.
Law amending Land Code.
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