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    General Information
    Region    Caribbean
    Population (000, 2021)   113a
    Pop. density (per km2, 2021)   332.4a
    Capital city    Saint George's
    Capital city pop. (000, 2021)   39.3d,e
    UN membership date    17-Sep-74
    Surface area (km2)   345b
    Sex ratio (m per 100 f)   101.4a
    National currency    E. Caribbean Dollar (XCD)c
    Exchange rate (per US$)   2.7f
    Economic indicators
    2010 2015 2021
    GDP: Gross domestic product (million current US$)7719971 212b
    GDP growth rate (annual %, const. 2015 prices)-0.56.42b
    GDP per capita (current US$)7 257.89 096.910 817.7b
    Economy: Agriculture (% of Gross Value Added)
    Economy: Industry (% of Gross Value Added)16.814.215.9b
    Economy: Services and other activity (% of GVA)
    CPI: Consumer Price Index (2010=100)100104108b
    Agricultural production index (2014-2016=100)459985b
    International trade: exports (million current US$)25g33g25f
    International trade: imports (million current US$)306g372g395f
    International trade: balance (million current US$)-281g-339g-370f
    Balance of payments, current account (million US$)-204-122-116e
    Social indicators
    2010 2015 2021
    Population growth ratei (average annual %)
    Urban population (% of total population)35.93636.4b
    Urban population growth ratei (average annual %)0.30.5...
    Fertility rate, totali (live births per woman)
    Life expectancy at birthi (females/males, years)75.7 / 70.675.2 / 70.375.0 / 70.1f
    Population age distribution (0-14/60+ years old, %)24.0 / 13.323.2 / 13.523.8 / 15.2a
    International migrant stock (000/% of total pop.)7.0 / 6.67.1 / 6.47.2 / 6.4f
    Refugees and others of concern to UNHCR (000)~0.0j...~0.0f
    Infant mortality ratei (per 1 000 live births)12.313.715f
    Health: Current expenditureg (% of GDP)
    Health: Physicians (per 1 000 pop.)0.7k...1.4e
    Education: Government expenditure (% of GDP)......3.2l
    Education: Primary gross enrol. ratio (f/m per 100 pop.)113.9 / 119.1116.3 / 120.6106.0 / 107.7e
    Education: Secondary gross enrol. ratio (f/m per 100 pop.)118.6 / 114.9110.7 / 112.8122.1 / 118.2e
    Education: Upper secondary gross enrol. ratio (f/m per 100 pop.)107.1 / 85.2113.4 / 103.3119.2 / 110.3e
    Intentional homicide rate (per 100 000 pop.)9.45.510.8l
    Seats held by women in national parliaments (%)13.333.346.7m
    Environment and infrastructure indicators
    2010 2015 2021
    Individuals using the Internetg (per 100 inhabitants)2753.859.1l
    Threatened species (number)375176
    Forested area (% of land area)
    Energy production, primaryg (Petajoules)000e
    Energy supply per capita (Gigajoules)383743e
    Tourist/visitor arrivals at national borders (000)110155188b
    Important sites for terrestrial biodiversity protected (%)34.534.534.5f
    Net Official Development Assist. received (% of GNI)4.632.731.32b
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