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Bellis v. Merthyr Tydfill CBC
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Data source:
Sabin Center
Reference number:
[2014] P.A.D. 50
A local planning authority in Wales denied an application to construct three wind turbine generators in a Historic Landscape Area, and the applicant appealed. The administrative court found that the proposed wind turbines would have a significantly detrimental effect on the historic landscape and would detract from the enjoyment of visitors to the area. The court also found, however, that the local community was involved in the development of the wind project and that the turbines would make an important contribution towards the United Kingdom’s efforts to combat climate change. After weighing these considerations and concluding that the emissions reductions benefits were outweighed by “the significant harm that would be caused to the historic landscape and visual amenity of the common,” the administrative court dismissed the appeal.

Key environmental legal questions:

Proposed construction of wind turbines within a Historic Landscape Area
Suits against governments; Renewable projects; Environmental assessment and permitting