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The World Heritage Committee,

1. Adopts the agenda as proposed in document WHC-03/27.COM/2 Prov.2;

2. Noting that the 6th extraordinary session of the World Heritage Committee adopted a decision on item 14A (Nominations to be examined in 2004 and 2005) (see Decision 6 EXT.COM 7), 

3. Further noting that following Decision 26 COM 26, item 21 (Provisional agenda of the 28th session of the Bureau of the World Heritage Committee (April 2004)) is no longer applicable,

4. Decides to take note of the following documents: WHC-03/27.COM/15 (Ways and Means to reinforce the implementation of the World Heritage Convention), WHC-03/27.COM/16 (Progress report on the revision of UNESCO's Medium-Term Strategy (31C/4, 2002-2007) and the preparation of the UNESCO Draft Programme and Budget (32C/5, 2004-2005), WHC-03/27.COM/17 (The relationship between the World Heritage Committee and UNESCO), and WHC-03/27.COM/20A (Concept paper on the future development of an international statement or charter of conservation principles);

5. Further decides to defer the discussion on WHC-03/27.COM/9 (Global Training Strategy), WHC-03/27.COM/19 (Performance Indicators) and Section A of WHC-03/27.COM/20C (World Heritage Partnerships Initiative) until the 28th session of the World Heritage Committee in 2004.